About the Blogger

My name is Eric Burkett. I am a journalist, food writer, and professional cook based in San Francisco. I began writing about food at Anchorage Daily News back in the late 1990s but, eventually, began covering government and politics at newspapers in both Alaska and California (My first political beat was covering Sarah Palin’s city hall in Wasilla).

It was while writing stories about food and its role in Anchorage’s ethnic and immigrant communities I realized how much I wanted to continue exploring the subject. A passionate cook since I was a kid, I had long thought of going to cooking school but found myself pulled toward writing. In 2006, I made the leap and attended culinary school at City College of San Francisco. Over the past several years, I have worked in restaurants as a kitchen manager and head cook, and in catering. In late 2009, I made the leap back into full-time food writing.

As a journalist, I cover and write about the intersection of food sustainability and safety. As a food writer I write about cooking: the how-to’s, the why’s, and the what’s. I also continue with the occasional catering gig just to keep my connection with working in a commercial kitchen.

Food is more than just nourishment: it’s a source of connection, comfort, and identity. I hope I convey some of that with my work. Thanks for reading this blog.

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