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Girl Scout Cabal Begins Shakedown

February 2, 2011

They show up at your churches and temples, on street corners and grocery stores, even at your front door. They have one goal: to shake you down while forcing you to consume life-threatening trans-fats. They are, of course, the Girl Scouts of America and they’ve begun to mend their evil ways.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Girls Scouts have removed trans fats – a product of partially hydrogenated oils – from five of their popular cookies. That doesn’t mean the trans fats aren’t there, however. What it does mean is that the levels of trans fats are below the FDA-mandated allowance enabling a company to label its products as trans fat-free.

“When it comes to fat, trans fat is considered by some doctors to be the worst of them all because of its double-barreled impact on your cholesterol levels,” writes Web MD. “Unlike other fats, trans fat — also called trans-fatty acids — both raises your ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol.”

Which of the eight are the three offenders? They happen to include two of the best ones: Samoas, Thin Mints, and the less-fabulous Tagalongs. Apparently, “a person who eats eight [Samoas] could be taking in nearly 2 grams of trans fats – a substance the National Academy of Science says cannot be safely consumed in any amount,” reported the Tribune.

What goes into a Girl Scout cookie? In the case of Samoas, vegetable shortening is the fourth ingredient (Samoas are called Caramel deLites in this particular instance). There’s plenty of high fructose corn syrup and 6 grams of saturated fat. A single serving size is two cookies. Yeah, right.

Maybe it’s too early but there was nothing posted in response at the Girls Scouts’ web site. Or, maybe, trans fats consumed in Girl Scout cookies don’t count and we can eat them to our heart’s content.