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Food Safety Law Won’t be Cheap, Industry Lobbyist Warns

February 2, 2011

As the Food Safety and Modernization Act kicks into motion, expenses to carry out its mission will also begin to pile up, as well. It won’t be cheap. According to a story in the ag weekly, Capital Press, expenses could require more than $1.6 billion in federal spending between this year and 2015.

Fees from food producers are expected to cover some of those costs but only some: less than $250 million. Other federal spending will cover another $335 million but the Food and Drug Administration could end up picking up at least $1.3 billion of the tab. Critics of the bill seem to be warning that the success of the new law could hinge entirely on just how generous the Republican-controlled House of Representatives are with funding and there’s little reason to expect they will be.

Concerns about the federal deficit will likely prevent full funding of the law, Capital Press reported John Bode as saying. Bode, a former USDA official and a lobbyist for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, McDonald’s, and various other companies and organizations, was speaking at a trade show in Portland, Ore., last week.

In addition to the sheer cost of the undertaking, the new legislation will entail devising and codifying new rules for the safe production and harvest of foods and crops both for domestic and foreign producers. The FDA, Bode said, will have to develop responses for substances that aren’t even currently regarded as contaminants.