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Good Eats with Fox

February 1, 2011

Photo: Charles Thompson, Stock.xchngMichelle Obama, after praising the barbecue in Charlotte, N.C. – the site of the 2012 Democratic convention – is taking hits from Fox.

“Not Known to Be Diet Food, Michelle Obama Hails ‘Great Barbecue’ in N.C.” reads Fox’s headline, which goes on to slam her for, well, enjoying good barbecue. The problem with that? Apparently, it conflicts with the image they’ve created of her as a food Nazi, dictating that everyone should eat nothing but celery sticks and tofu. Never mind the fact that anyone would be hard pressed to find a single statement, in print or on video, of her even suggesting such a thing.

But it also raises the question as to whether the food reform movement is conveying accurately its message that good food – real food – doesn’t have to be crap made from corn derivatives and starches and gums. If anyone is serious about good food, the message is pretty clear but to someone whose diet is comprised of convenience foods, it seems like a personal affront.

When you tell a parent, for example, that the frozen Tyson chicken nuggets they’re serving their children really aren’t that good for them, you’re doing more than just suggesting there are better alternatives: you’re telling them they don’t care enough about their kids; you are telling them they’re lousy parents. They have every right to be offended.

It’s a shame for so many reasons, not the least of them is that Obama’s important message, her realistic message, is lost in the cacophony of ideology, intentionally undermined by institutions like Fox, less intent upon informing the public than pushing a particular agenda.

And, for the record, good barbecue isn’t made with high fructose corn syrup or corn starch or caramel coloring. Clearly, the folks at Fox are shortchanging themselves if they believe otherwise.

Enjoyment of Food as Gratitude

February 22, 2010

“Enjoying food, really enjoying food, is a meditation. A prayer. A thank you to nature and our higher power.”
Marlena Spieler

Just Food

February 21, 2010

From film director Ali Selim’s essay about his beautiful 2005 film, “Sweet Land“:

The world really is a small place and, as we move around it and commingle, we have the ability to recognize our similarities, to go beyond tolerance toward acceptance, to redefine communities and humanity out of new combinations of people, sounds, stories and, of course, food.

When Inge says, “Just food,” she is telling him to savor, find the common ground. The food she prepared may taste a little different or have a different texture, sure, but Olaf enjoys it nonetheless. As with all good food it satisfies, inspires and nourishes.

So, he eats.